Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Heavy Lifting

Much progress has been made at Davis since my last post.   We now have the first floor entirely painted, all of the flooring laid, and the rest rooms are finished up.

The translucent panels which will separate the children’s room from the main library area were installed and look wonderful.  It was not an easy install, as each panel weighs about 500 lbs, but it’s in place and really adds a pop to the space.   Here’s a video of the panels being manhandled into the library.

small room for studying in groups
Collaboration Space
Our collaboration spaces are all finished and waiting for furniture.  These are small rooms for 4 to 6 people which will be able to be reserved online for study groups, tutoring, small meetings, interviews, and so on. We are so glad to be able to provide this much needed space to our community.

counter where self charge will go
Just add self-charge
This is the counter where our self charge machines will live, and you can see the spot above it where our new digital signage will hang.

Many of the libraries already have digital signage, and we are very excited that we will also be able to let people know what’s happening in the branch, the library system, and the County using this technology.

picture of LED lighting strips
LED lights
This last is a picture of some of our new LED lighting that will be over our single service desks.   The look is very modern and yet it meshes very well with the mid-century modern overall vibe.

We await our new shelving and furniture, and we still have heavy work underway in the downstairs restrooms.   Our staff is very ready to come home and start getting everything in place for our reopening, which will take place sometime in the spring.  In the meantime, enjoy using our neighboring branches and all of our electronic resources which can come to you no matter what the weather!

More later.

Anita Vassallo
Former Davis Manager

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