Friday, October 7, 2016

Plumbing, Power Seating, and More

The Davis refresh project continues to move along. One of the most critical parts of our refresh is a total renovation of both the upper and lower level restrooms.

open room with exposed studs, pipes
Bathroom space after demo
Our restrooms had been remodeled and added to over the years, and while these additions were functional, they were not particularly attractive.   Our new restrooms will have handsome grey tile, a poured floor for ease of cleaning, and updated ADA compliant fixtures.  The work started with our upstairs restrooms, and as often happens in older building, there was more work to be done than was anticipated.  But that has left us with a clean slate for the renovation, and plumbers are currently at work installing all new piping. Here's a look at the restroom space without the shared interior wall, which had to be demolished. This area will become our first floor men's and women's restrooms.
doorway drywalled over
Door No More

The quiet study room is being transformed into an area with powered seating along the walls where customers can plug in devices like laptops and tablets.  The room will house our magazines and newspapers, and will feature comfortable seating where folks can relax and enjoy the latest issue of their favorite periodical.  Part of refreshing this space required closing up the second door in the room, which led to the teen collection.
wall with open sections showing where the digital display unit will hang
Digital display and self-checkout area
 We are looking forward to the installation of our digital display, which will be mounted above the relocated self charge machines.  This 48 inch screen will allow us to advertise library programs, celebrations, reminders and updates.

And here's another in our ongoing series of staff profiles - Jane Dorfman.
picture of Jane Dorfman
Jane Dorfman

Jane has been a librarian in Montgomery County Libraries for twenty years and is now head of Children's Services at Davis Library. An avid reader of children's books as well as adult, she takes great pleasure in recommending titles to kids and grownups.

Jane works with Capitol Choices, a group that compiles an annual list of the 100 best books for children and teens. She also answers customer queries through "What Do I Check Out Next?" a MCPL service that brings book suggestions to customer's in-boxes. She does storytimes and leads programs for young people.

When not at the library she is very involved in storytelling for adults and children; she tells at festivals and events, runs the storytelling stage at the Washington Folk Festival and is president of Voices-in-the-Glen, a local guild for tellers. In 2016 she released two CDs.  She lives with her family nearby, gardens with some success, and travels when she can.

More to come!

Anita Vassallo
Davis Library Manager