Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Demolition Phase

two women in hardhats
Our lovely hardhats!
The refresh project at Davis moved into demolition last week. It was amazing to see how quickly the space was cleared and transformed.

Carpet was ripped up in a jiffy. Our information and circulation desks were disassembled. The well used fixtures in the restrooms were reduced to rubble along with the tile and partitions. Walls were removed. Before we knew it, we had a big clear space and could envision the fresh new paint, carpet and furniture that will be transforming the library.

Here is a picture slideshow of our transformation -

Davis Demolition

Meanwhile the work goes on in the backroom at Davis. New books still arrive and need to be processed, boxed and stored until they can go on the shelf.  Returns still come to us from other branches, and those need to be checked back in, boxed, and stored.  Some holds still come to us, and those materials need to be sent to another branch for pickup.  We are working hard to be sure that we're ready for our reopening next year.

Have a great Labor Day weekend.  I'll write more about the process in a couple of weeks!

Anita Vassallo
Davis Manager

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