Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Demolition Phase

two women in hardhats
Our lovely hardhats!
The refresh project at Davis moved into demolition last week. It was amazing to see how quickly the space was cleared and transformed.

Carpet was ripped up in a jiffy. Our information and circulation desks were disassembled. The well used fixtures in the restrooms were reduced to rubble along with the tile and partitions. Walls were removed. Before we knew it, we had a big clear space and could envision the fresh new paint, carpet and furniture that will be transforming the library.

Here is a picture slideshow of our transformation -

Davis Demolition

Meanwhile the work goes on in the backroom at Davis. New books still arrive and need to be processed, boxed and stored until they can go on the shelf.  Returns still come to us from other branches, and those need to be checked back in, boxed, and stored.  Some holds still come to us, and those materials need to be sent to another branch for pickup.  We are working hard to be sure that we're ready for our reopening next year.

Have a great Labor Day weekend.  I'll write more about the process in a couple of weeks!

Anita Vassallo
Davis Manager

Friday, August 12, 2016

Just A Few More Days.

Starting Soon.

Davis staff
Bye for now!

The staff at Davis has dispersed to their temporary assigned branches, and things are quiet here. Quiet like the calm before the storm.

The Davis supervisors attended a preconstruction meeting last week, and we met the staff from our contractors, Haris Design and Construction. They were enthusiastic about our project and gave us a feeling of confidence that things will go smoothly and on schedule.

Right now, there are just a couple of us here in the building, dealing with our materials that were returned to other branches and are now being delivered to us, shipments of new materials arriving, and a few lingering holds that customers will need to pick up at other locations.

cart of books
Books to shelve.
We are working as quickly as we can to get things shelved before construction starts, as, after that, the shelves will be wrapped and all items will need to be boxed and stored until after the construction phase is completed.
cart of books
Books to box.

The first job will be to renovate our restrooms. This is a part of the project that we know our customers will really appreciate, since the restrooms have been in need of serious attention for quite a few years. The new tile and flooring are attractive, and we will also be getting all new fixtures and paint. All restrooms will also be ADA compliant.

You might be wondering about any changes to the exterior of our lovely building. There will be some sprucing up completed, but no real work on the outside.

The volunteers from the Bethesda Community Garden Club are taking our temporary closing period as an opportunity to get some work done, which will help to improve the appearance and longevity of our lovely trees and plantings. These dedicated volunteers have been working outside in the full August heat, and we so appreciate all they do for us!

We have enjoyed watching the children attending the KIDMuseum summer camps using our grounds for their various projects, particularly the one that involved filling a suspended bucket with water, and then counting down for a dousing as the bucket tipped over and spilled it's cool contents over the group below. It was hard to tell if it was more popular to pull the rope that tipped the bucket, or to stand under the waterfall that resulted.

As construction begins and progresses, we will keep everyone in the loop about what's going on. In the meantime, we hope you are enjoying the resources and programs of MCPL either at your temporary library home, or remotely. A brand new offering that we are really excited about is Artistworks For Libraries!

Artistworks is an online music and art school - streaming video lessons from professionals (banjo lessons with Tony Trischka anyone?) that you can access free with your library card from the MCPL website. The music lessons range from piano to french horn to dobro to scratching lessons with DJ Qbert! Take a look, it's a very nicely done product with a lot of extras included.

More soon!

Anita Vassallo
Davis Library Manager