Monday, July 25, 2016

Here We Go!!

Banners outside library Here we go! Our refresh is underway.

The Davis staff said a temporary farewell to our community on Saturday, July 16, with a cake and lemonade celebration, courtesy of the Friends of the Library, Davis Chapter.

We had so many people stop by to say how much they will miss us during our closed period. This made all of the staff feel so appreciated!
Library farewell cake But we didn't have a lot of time to rest on our laurels, since the next week we had to get everything ready for the arrival of our movers.  Even though we are not moving a lot of the collection, there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done to get the building cleared and ready for construction.
Large pieces of furniture that we are keeping needed to be moved and stored in our lower level meeting room.  We will be reusing our chairs, which were recently reupholstered thanks to the Friends of the Library, Davis Chapter, so they also needed to be moved and stored. Boxes and boxes of books in the children's room were packed up and stored, since their shelving is being replaced. Our storage space is pretty full, but thankfully the great crew of movers staged everything just right, and it all fit!
more boxes The staff is also packing up their belongings, as they will be reporting to their temporary workplaces on Monday August 1st.  See if you can spot the Davis staff as you travel to nearby branches!

The main floor of the library is pretty well cleared out by now, and we are just finishing up the last of the work.  We are still having some holds come in for pick up at Davis. Please remember to change any holds you have designated for pick up at Davis to another location so you're not delayed in getting that book you've been waiting for!

Here's a quick video at the main library floor right now, still recognizable, but ready for all the wonderful changes to come.

More to come in our next post.


Anita Vassallo

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