Monday, June 13, 2016

One Month Out

It's beginning to sink in for both staff and customers. Davis really will be closed for six months for our refresh.
Davis Library closing sign on door
One Month Out

Customers are trying to figure out which library will be the most convenient for them, and many have expressed concern for staff members - Will we be laid off?  No!   Will we be able to take a six month vacation?  No, not that either.  The staff will be temporarily reassigned to other branches of MCPL.

Do we get to choose where we will go?   We can pick up to three possible places, although we need to consider that our neighboring branches will be busier with Davis customers, so they will need some extra help.

Will anyone be staying here to oversee the project?   Yes, the manager and the Library Assistant supervisor will both be on site to deal with any questions or issues that come up.

Most of our other questions are about the collection.

Will we pack up all of the books?  No, for the most part the books will stay on the shelves. The shelves will be wrapped up in what looks like giant cling wrap, to keep everything protected during the project.  Items that are being relocated to a new spot in the building will be boxed and stored until they can be put back on the shelf.

What will you do with new books that MCPL receives while you are closed?   These items will be boxed and stored until we are ready to reopen.

Why do your shelves look sort of empty right now?   We are making sure that we have a fresh, relevant collection for our community when we reopen.  We will need to have room for everything that's out in circulation now as it returns to us  Items that haven't been checked out for years are either being relocated to another library that can use them, or are going to the Friends of the Library Montgomery County bookstore.

Bulletin board showing summer programs at Davis Library
Summer Programs at Davis
However, we ARE open through July 16, and we have a lot going on. Summer Reading is in full swing - kids, teens and adults can sign up online and stop by for book recommendations and sticker books for children.  We have some great programs coming up, including LEGO building, crafts during #weekofmaking, and a visit from Reptiles Alive!  Check our calendar of events for more information.

Remember that our partner the KIDMuseum will be open and fully operational while the library is being refreshed.  They have a host of wonderful offerings for the summer months - check their website.

Here's an introduction to another wonderful Davis staff member, Pat Meyer.  She is a New York transplant by way of Florida.  Pat is the Library Assistant Supervisor here at Davis - the second in command, and the manager's right hand woman!

Pat Meyer
"I joined MCPL 2 ½ years ago from sunny South Florida where I was a Circulation Supervisor and Computer Center Supervisor at Broward County Libraries. My husband and I moved up to Maryland to be with family and we love it here. Originally from NYC,  we did miss the change in seasons and the metropolitan lifestyle. Being a registered Architect in the State of Florida I am very excited about our Refresh and being involved in the project.  I love the community spirit at Davis Library and cannot wait for us to reopen and share the results with all of you."

More coming up in a week or so!

Anita Vassallo

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